Dakota Agronomy Partners (DAP) was first formed in 1999 after a group of cooperatives including, Farmers Union of Velva, Butte, Drake, Cenex of Minot and SunPrairie Grain sought to collectively combine their assets in order to better serve their members.

Throughout the years DAP has witnessed both growth and change in order to adapt and better serve its growing customer base. A significant part of that growth came in 2004 when the DAP board of directors voted to build one of the region's largest dry fertilizer plants. This Mega Plant not only helped ensure a stable supply of fertilizer product, but also provided DAP growers with a faster, more efficient way with which to get this product, saving them valuable time.

The board at DAP is continually looking at ways to grow the business. In September 2013, DAP broadened their trade area significantly by joining their assets with the agronomy portion of Souris River Coop. This joint venture will provide a number of added benefits to their customers including an expanded product service area including: Lansford, Antler, Newburg, Kramer, Souris and Mohall.

Today, DAP is owned as a joint venture by Enerbase Cooperative Resources, CHS SunPrairie, Souris River Cooperative and Border Ag and Energy and functions as a regional agronomy center, offering a number of agronomy services to area farmers. DAP provides regional customers with a full lineup of agronomy products and custom applications. DAP certified crop consultants are also available to assist growers in making the best decisions for their fields.

DAP will continue to look for better ways to provide the best services to their patrons. DAP's commitment to their success comes from looking forward and maintaining a valuable business on their behalf for years to come.

Link to website: http://dakotaagronomy.com